If you are prepared for the bitter poison of eternity, then let's go through this epic journey together...
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 Kishin Aiyoku

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Aiyoku Fujo
Aiyoku Fujo

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PostSubject: Kishin Aiyoku   Kishin Aiyoku EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 11:41 pm

Name: Aiyoku Fujo

Nickname: Ai

Alias: Chaotic Rose

Age: 20

Gender: Female


Physical Information

Character Picture:

Soul Appearance:

Standing at a full five feet and six inches and weighing only one hundred and twenty-four pounds, Aiyoku's body is tall but slender. Her body shape is a curvy. The young woman's eyes a a soft aqua but when happy or just in the right lighting, they turn to a lightly lavender hue which looks phenomenal with her slightly pale skin. The girl's hair reaches down past her waist with is purple color and smooth texture, which is normally tied at the bottom in order to keep it from getting in her face during training or practice.

Though she may not look it, most of Aiyoku's body is muscle. Her body structure helps her to move gracefully with every step. This also goes with her constant proper posture. Her clothing style shows this about her body. Wearing an outfit that is simple, a white button up top that covers her upper torso and a skirt which is held up by suspenders. On her shirt she always wears a tie to match her skirt of the day. Her legs, up to her knees, is covered by a black knee-high stocking and a pair of simple black shoes cover her feet.

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs
Eye color: Aqua

Defining Marks: A black tatoo of a butterfly on her left wrist and a tattoo of a blue rose on the center of her lower back.


Aspect of Fear: Lust
-Lips of Compulsion:

-Siren's scream:
This ability allows the female to scream and send these sound waves into the opponents ears. When she does this, she sends sounds that are most pleasing to the opponent and allows them to hear it for as long as the female screams and 2 posts after. If it is not stopped after the 2nd post, the ability will slip into the eyes of the opponent. The way to stop this sound in the ears by the 2nd post is to stop their own hearing and cause the sounds to end. No longer hearing Aiyoku scream means no more effectiveness of the scream.

-Siren's Illusion:
This ability activates if Siren's Scream is not ended. When this ability activates, the enemy's eye site becomes blurry for a moment before they are shown their own personal haven of lust and their deepest desire. The feel and touch of everything becomes realistic though to outsiders, there is nothing there. This can last 3-5 posts depending on who it is used on. To get out of this, one much fight against the desire and no longer want it at all.

-Love Tap:
When the enemy is facing away from Aiyoku, she is able to flick them in any which way and in any location along their back. When they are hit, the first living human being at which they see, they will fall in love with. This can only last for a short amount of time. Lasting for 1-2 entire threads if it is a weak willed person to being 5 posts for a strong willed person.


Mental State

Personality: Aiyoku is a calm female normally but is extremely energetic. Due to her constant boredom, she sometimes becomes a flirt in order to get her way with those around her, mainly strangers. However, the few people that she finds as her friends are the lucky few do not suffer under her boredom or her mind games. Everyone else around her is a toy except for those playing the game with her.

However, even with these minor qualities, the female has a slight insanity to her. When in battle she becomes ruthless and will try anything to win. From flirting to torture [most of the time torture]. She will have no problem in taking down an enemy or a loved one that crosses her. This is just because of her being alone as she had for so long but it has gotten to the point that that loneliness is gone and only the anger had remained.

Mentality: Insane [Duh]



Aiyoku was born a human, and attended shibusen at a young age. She was a orphan until she had bigger desires to be one of the best meisters in the world, that was her goal. At least she aimed high. She joined Shibusen about nine years old, hoping to be the greatest.
When she was thirteen she made it close to become a two star meister, with her partner Rodney.

They were considered a very talented pair with a bright future, Aiyoku was improving herself daily along with Rodney. Aiyoku was a good kid quite random and sometimes looked at as a weirdo but for some reason people enjoyed her personality. She was very spontaneous and willing to do anything fun. But always looked at strength and power and seemed to envy the strong ones, although she was strong herself. She pushed herself into becoming powerful along with Rodney,but sometimes she pushed herself to far.

Because of her weird personality it only added to her crave for more power, she never seemed normal so no one could tell when she needed help, not even her partner. Eventually, Aiyoku and Rodney were on a mission to face the a witch, of course they weren’t in the least bit scared. This was the witch they needed to make Rodney into a death scythe. They fought and fought hard, but ended up losing and Rodney ended up sacrificing his life to save Aiyoku’s own. This would change him forver.
Throughout the years Aiyoku’s persona became more dark and a lot more violent. She started to study what was called the dark arts a sacred art created a long time ago. The thing about this lost art was it started to change her further.

For years, the girl had been alone after being chased out of death city for the mass chaos she caused with her powers by complete accident. Back then the girl had no idea as to what she was doing. She merely believed that people just were attracted to her as her true powers began to form. After leaving Death City, the girl made her own home and called it "The Haven", where herself and her friends could live without judgement of what they were. There she began to train her powers. With years of practice, the young woman continued to work on her control of her powers and realized that she had many more than she had thought originally.

Over years of being alone, the young woman known as Aiyoku came across a young man that seemed to be, like her, resented by normal society for what he was. With slight hesitation but enjoying the idea of it, the girl grabbed the male's hand and brought him into her life. She had told him that he had something to live for, to protect those he held dear. He had, since then, called her "Mistress" and does as she says, becoming Aiyoku's right hand man. She does not travel without this man and does not plan to ever do so.

Ever since meeting the one named Sasori, who now called her "Mistress", Aiyoku had become quite attached and as did he, however he soon passed on due to traveling alone and being hunted by the students of Shibusen. This only fueled the hatred that Aiyoku gained for them and everything they stood for.

Eventually the young woman found herself drifting back into the town and killing those that she knew was in the academy. With their death, she left behind a blue rose petal. The only place to get such a rose had to be outside of the city.

Sample Rp
The glistening night called the young Kishin to explore. It could have been her energetic nature or even just that she was in her home for too long. Aiyoku slipped out of the castle, making sure the others did not follow her and did not know of her missing besides a not she left for Sasori saying that she had gone for a walk in the desert. However, she instead went to Death City.

The female walked along the streets as her boots caused a light clicking on the paved streets. It seemed to be too late for anyone besides her to be out. A soft smile came over her lips as she slowly parted her lips. As she did so, a melody left from her. Along the streets she sang, Lulling all those which could not rest, or at least attempting to. She slowly turned a corner and ended up in what was known as "Deadman's Alley."

The girl walked down the dark alley anyway and hummed to herself. Soon finding it to be a dead end, she placed her hands on her curvy hips and pouted before walking over to a group of trashcans and sitting on it. "I think I might be lost... Damn my boredom." She said to herself as she rubbed the back of her neck.

Slowly she looked up at the grinning moon and could not help but to grin with it before standing up and walking out of the dark corner of the town that she had not visited in so very long. The streets were still and the night was calm, all the better for a little hunt.

"Come out... Come out... Don't you want to play? Don't worry kids. Ai's here to stay!" The woman shouted before running down the main streets and laughing, attempting to wake those in their homes. The insanity of the woman was rising as did her blood lust.
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Raizuto Shizune
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PostSubject: Re: Kishin Aiyoku   Kishin Aiyoku EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 11:46 pm

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